Portrait photo of UQ Professor Trent Munro wearing a white coat in a laboratory. Supplied.

Precision painkillers that are more accurate and less harmful to the liver are set to be developed by a University of Queensland spin-off company — potentially changing the lives of millions of people.

4 November 2022
Mother and baby

Tackling a digital divide and improving health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers and babies is the aim of an Australian-first project involving First Nations community leaders and University of Queensland researchers.

3 November 2022
Microplastics floating in water

Microplastics are not just tiny particles that can be ingested, they can also carry viruses, a University of Queensland study has revealed.

2 November 2022
A graphic showing a brain in blue with viruses in red 'infecting' it and lighting it up against a medical background.

Research led by UQ has found COVID-19 activates the same inflammatory response in the brain as Parkinson’s disease.

1 November 2022
Rows of lettuces growing inside a glass house. Image, UQ

Feeding the world’s spiralling population amidst the ravages of climate change will be the focus of a major agriculture conference which gets underway in Brisbane today.

31 October 2022
A foggy graveyard under a full moon. Jack-o-lanterns and leafless trees are scattered around the graveyard.

Most of us only celebrate Halloween each October, but three University of Queensland experts research the strange and spooky all year round, from the history of horror stories to scary costumes.

28 October 2022
Aerial view of water ponds at a water treatment plant

The use of cocaine and MDMA has fallen in Queensland since COVID-19 disruptions began in 2020, but the use of methylamphetamine or ‘ice’ has increased according to a report from Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).

26 October 2022

Research co-led by UQ has found sharing real-time air quality readings in developing countries can reduce air pollution and lead to lower mortality rates.

25 October 2022
two women in white coats smile in a laboratory in front of a device containing green liquid

Methane emissions could be substantially cut through a $7.5-million project to develop slow-release biopolymer technology for cattle containing a gas-reducing bioactive.

25 October 2022
a cluster of green macadamias on a tree

Researchers from The University of Queensland have identified two desirable traits in macadamia trees to make orchards more productive and profitable.

24 October 2022

Some of Asia’s largest animals, including tigers and elephants, are defying 12,000 years of extinction trends by thriving alongside humans, a University of Queensland-led study has revealed.

22 October 2022

The University of Queensland has appointed Professor Mark Blows as Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) following a competitive recruitment process.

21 October 2022
A close up image of a child's hands holing a large red apple.

Researchers at The University of Queensland have found children in disadvantaged communities often go hungry when they attend early education and childcare centres.

21 October 2022
Adult incontinence pad

Joint research has found adult incontinence products are a far bigger waste problem than baby nappies, and with an ageing population, the situation will get worse in the next decade.

20 October 2022
An aerial photo of a typical Australian suburb, showing roads, house rooftops, backyards and swimming pools.

Researchers at The University of Queensland have found young adults and baby boomers are bearing the brunt of Queensland’s housing affordability crisis.

18 October 2022