• A large group of journalists and camera operators filming event. Image, Adobe.

    Journalists exposed to prosecution under Foreign Interference Act

    Journalists may face decades in prison for ‘foreign interference’ offences unless urgent changes are made to Australia’s national security laws, according to a University of Queensland researcher.

    6 October 2022
  • woman in blue shirt sits on a bed and looks out of a window

    Obstacles hinder access to legal abortion in Queensland

    A University of Queensland study has found there are still barriers to terminating a pregnancy in Queensland, more than three years after the practice was decriminalised.

    23 August 2022
  • Dual degree graduate setting the bar high

    Michaela Gyasi-Agyei has always had a love of learning. The University of Queensland Bachelors of Economics / Laws (Honours) graduate remembers spending just a few weeks in Grade One at her Rockhampton primary school before she was moved to the...

    13 July 2022
A group of people standing on the steps of a building holding awards.

Champions of inclusive education have been celebrated at this year’s University of Queensland Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

2 November 2021
A man patting a vision assistance dog.

Paul Harpur wears many hats. He’s a lawyer, a company director, a former Fulbright Scholar, a Paralympian and an Associate Professor at The University of Queensland Law School.  

2 November 2021
Woman's outstretched hand to camera, obscuring her face

An expert panel of University of Queensland researchers is examining the issue of sexual consent and will make recommendations to governments and schools about how to better teach young Australians about sexual violence.

14 September 2021

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has awarded seven Future Fellowships to University of Queensland researchers.

12 August 2021
Rebecca Ananian-Welsh and Peter Greste standing next to each other in a large lobby with wooden panelling

Employees and journalists who expose organisational corruption are in danger of criminal charges under severe and complex national security laws, according to University of Queensland academics.

30 April 2021
Sarah Kendall, Professor Peter Greste, Richard Murray and Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh ... advocating for a “journalism-based exemption from criminality”. Photo: UQ.

Journalists must be protected from prosecution in a much-needed overhaul of Australia’s Espionage Act 2018, according to a group of academics pushing for reform.

1 March 2021
No credible evidence or data exists to suggest asylum seekers are a security risk to Australia. Getty image.

University of Queensland researchers have debunked the theory that asylum seekers pose a terrorism threat in Australia.

3 November 2020
Technology-facilitated abuse is evolving. Stock image.

A study is under way to investigate how ‘smart’ devices may be helping to facilitate domestic abuse in Australia and the United Kingdom.

18 September 2020

University of Queensland Arts/Law graduate Briana Collins is determined to change the world through her work with the Queensland Environmental Defenders Office (EDO).

28 July 2020
Man's hand grasping a wire prison fence

Legal professionals, journalists and researchers now have access to a new-and-improved version of the Deaths in Custody Project – the first comprehensive national database of its kind.

13 July 2020
© 2017 Daniel Soekov for Human Rights Watch. A prisoner lies in his solitary confinement cell in the safety unit at Lotus Glen Correctional Centre, northern Queensland.

New research from The University of Queensland has called for an end to solitary confinement in Queensland prisons because of the impact on the mental and physical health of prisoners.

18 May 2020
Zoom screen shot of screen divided in four with students and supervisors

Brisbane legal services affected by the COVID-19 pandemic have been getting much-needed help from University of Queensland Law School students.

13 May 2020

A University of Queensland graduate and advocate for social justice has been named a 2020 Australia-at-large Rhodes Scholar.

17 December 2019

Being part of The University of Queensland’s successful mooting team was the first step towards a potential career at the bar for Arts/Law Valedictorian Mia Williams.

13 December 2019

Distressed rape complainants are perceived to be more credible than those who control their emotions, a University of Queensland study has found.

13 September 2019