A bearded man in a short and high vis vest sits with his head bowed in a factory.

A University of Queensland study is investigating the issues around employee disclosure of medical conditions in the workplace, with a particular emphasis on military veterans.

29 September 2022
A small boy lies in a hospital bed, while a nurse holds a mobile phone near him to record his cough.

Global biopharmaceutical company Pfizer has acquired University of Queensland startup ResApp Health Limited for $179 million.

27 September 2022
Wild dingo looking at the camera.

Cameras that spy on wildlife could provide the secrets scientists need to save vulnerable species.

17 September 2022
Robotic hands in radiochemistry facility

Radiopharmaceuticals are an emerging medical technology that deliver radiation therapy directly to cancer cells while sparing the rest of the body from the harsh effects of cancer treatment.

13 September 2022
A machine the size of a shoebox with wiring and software, sitting in a laboratory.

It might not look like much, but this tool could improve the next generation of lasers - and with it, industries from telecommunications to car manufacturing.

12 September 2022
A ballet dancer in white tutu leaping under lights on stage. Adobe

A free University of Queensland peer coaching program, designed to help rebuild the arts and culture sector in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, is set to go global.

7 September 2022
young rugby players in blue uniforms in a scrum

Researchers at The University of Queensland are seeking volunteer school rugby and basketball players for brain scans as they work on a new blood test to help diagnose concussion.

31 August 2022
A hand holding a Net Zero graphic

If Australia is to achieve a net zero future, we need “out-of-the-box” thinking and a major economic overhaul, according to study involving The University of Queensland.

26 August 2022
A man with grey hair and wearing a white shirt sits clasping his hands

Australia’s first dedicated children’s immunotherapy centre will investigate treatments to increase the survival of kids with cancer and improve their ongoing quality of life.

24 August 2022
A group of people in white coats look at machinery inside a high-tech laboratory

A new University of Queensland-led training centre is set to become a hub for world-leading research in ‘green’ plastic.

18 August 2022
Man holding a vial

Groundbreaking UQ research into developing new treatments for conditions such as cancer, inflammatory diseases and type 1 diabetes has received recognition and funding support from a national incubator for biomedical startup companies.

20 July 2022
Dr Sonia Shah and Cadence Taylor sitting on a log on a beach with the ocean in the background

They look like any other tourists walking along the sand on Lady Musgrave Island, off the southern Queensland coast. But award-winning University of Queensland scientist Dr Sonia Shah and Bundaberg State High School student Cadence Taylor are...

18 July 2022
A woman scientist in a laboratory

Australian researchers may be a step closer to preventing Type 1 diabetes after identifying a crucial protein that could prevent the autoimmune disease from taking hold.

14 July 2022
Sheep grazing in a paddock.

Tiny nanoparticles less than a thousandth of a millimetre in size are providing a promising new method to protect sheep against deadly flystrike, according to University of Queensland research.

30 June 2022
Three people standing in the middle of a city wearing headphones and looking up

A University of Queensland academic has created the first artwork in the world to combine augmented reality (AR) game music with places in the community.

25 June 2022