Carbon dioxide sensors could be beneficial in classrooms. Study Fresh Project

Ensuring school classrooms are well ventilated is key to reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission and maintaining academic performance, research from The University of Queensland has revealed.

16 September 2022
Robotic hands in radiochemistry facility

Radiopharmaceuticals are an emerging medical technology that deliver radiation therapy directly to cancer cells while sparing the rest of the body from the harsh effects of cancer treatment.

13 September 2022
A machine the size of a shoebox with wiring and software, sitting in a laboratory.

It might not look like much, but this tool could improve the next generation of lasers - and with it, industries from telecommunications to car manufacturing.

12 September 2022
A group of people in white coats look at machinery inside a high-tech laboratory

A new University of Queensland-led training centre is set to become a hub for world-leading research in ‘green’ plastic.

18 August 2022
A hand holding a cannister containing the vaccine patch.

A needle-free vaccine patch could better fight COVID-19 variants, such as Omicron and Delta, than a traditional needle vaccine according to a University of Queensland study in mice.

28 July 2022
Chuck and Helga Feeney sitting down and smiling. Helga has her arm across Chuck's shoulders.

Throughout the 2000s, The Atlantic Philanthropies (founded by American philanthropist Chuck Feeney) gave more than $100 million to UQ to help establish the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and...

27 July 2022
A man walks along a corridor in a data centre

The University of Queensland has purchased a new supercomputer to replace three current high-performance computers (HPCs) and has a unique plan to keep the new computer up to date.

30 June 2022
Sheep grazing in a paddock.

Tiny nanoparticles less than a thousandth of a millimetre in size are providing a promising new method to protect sheep against deadly flystrike, according to University of Queensland research.

30 June 2022
Three people standing in the middle of a city wearing headphones and looking up

A University of Queensland academic has created the first artwork in the world to combine augmented reality (AR) game music with places in the community.

25 June 2022
A photo taken in Vietnam of Tiep Tran and Giao Nguyen each holding their children.

Anh Nguyễn remembers little about the desperate boat journey his family took to flee Vietnam in late 2013. The 18-year-old UQ Engineering student was just ten when he and his family fled their home country.

21 June 2022
A glowing blue digital representation of an old-fashioned switch

University of Queensland scientists have cracked a problem that’s frustrated chemists and physicists for years, potentially leading to a new age of powerful, efficient, and environmentally friendly technologies.

9 June 2022
A woman in a blue dress holding a trophy

Two University of Queensland alumni, who have helped shaped the state, have been named among this year’s Queensland Greats.

7 June 2022
A pick lying on black rock

Studying ancient ocean floors could help discover minerals needed to produce electric cars and solar panels.

3 June 2022
A numbat standing on a dirt-covered ground.

Scientists hope a new web app that allows users to search for threatened species in their postcode will put conservation on the agenda this federal election.

3 May 2022
Image of industrial facility

The University of Queensland will play a crucial role in a multi-million-dollar four-year project which will see universities and industry working together to build commercialisation in Australia’s critical mineral supply chain that will create 1300...

19 April 2022