a cluster of green macadamias on a tree

Researchers from The University of Queensland have identified two desirable traits in macadamia trees to make orchards more productive and profitable.

24 October 2022
A close up image of a child's hands holing a large red apple.

Researchers at The University of Queensland have found children in disadvantaged communities often go hungry when they attend early education and childcare centres.

21 October 2022
cow with lumpy skin disease symptoms in a green field

Scientists at The University of Queensland are developing a protein-based vaccine to protect Australia’s beef industry from lumpy skin disease (LSD).

7 October 2022
A person holding a spray bottle standing in front of plants at a plant nursery

An Australian-first study by researchers from The University of Queensland has found 8 per cent of urine samples drawn from the general public contained a common weed killer.

30 September 2022
A close-up photo of a hand holding granules of black compost

A new way of using compost could boost global crop production and deliver huge benefits to the planet, according to a study co-led by The University of Queensland.

6 September 2022
K'gari funnel web spider

Using deadly spider venom to treat heart attacks is one of many new discoveries currently being developed at a national research centre headquartered at The University of Queensland.

25 August 2022
A young girl watering plants

COVID-19, rather than the threat of climate change, has spurred Australians to become more sustainable, according to research from The University of Queensland.

18 August 2022
A man stands at a whiteboard, writing a mathematical equation. He is smiling at the camera.

The newly launched ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Success in Nature and Agriculture is cultivating the next crop of plant science experts.

17 August 2022
Carissa Horsey, a young woman, standing and smiling next to her light-coloured horse in a field

It may have taken a decade, but Carissa Horsey has finally found her true calling. The Ipswich born and raised Bachelor of Agricultural Science graduate didn’t think university was for her when she finished high school in 2011.

11 July 2022
Sheep grazing in a paddock.

Tiny nanoparticles less than a thousandth of a millimetre in size are providing a promising new method to protect sheep against deadly flystrike, according to University of Queensland research.

30 June 2022
Historic black and white image of Gatton main building

One of the oldest tertiary institutions in Queensland – now a national hub for agricultural teaching, research and innovation – is celebrating its 125th anniversary.

28 June 2022
Dozens of small bees flying toward the entrance to their hive.

Scientists at the University of Queensland are buzzing about a new citizen science project investigating some of Australia’s native bee species in our own backyards.

28 June 2022
Order of Australia medals on a purple background

An international leader in audiology and an Indigenous author and poet are among an extensive list of University of Queensland representatives who have been named on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List this year.

13 June 2022
A man at a lecturn waving and a woman in a red dress watching on.

The ALP will rightly bask in this election victory. As the party’s Sydney MP Tanya Plibersek put it Saturday night: a win is a win is a win.

23 May 2022
Silverleaf Whitefly attacks 500 plant species including cotton, grain and vegetables.

It’s one of the biggest challenges facing the environment and farmers across the globe - pest control. Now, University of Queensland scientists have developed an environmentally friendly spray which could prove to be a game-changer for the...

17 May 2022